Saturday, August 9, 2008
I MSG'd my Husband and Other Events From the Past Two Weeks
For the first time in the five years my husband has been allergic to monosodium glutamate ( a common food preservative/flavor enhancer), I accidentally served B a meal with MSG in it. Can I just tell you that I felt so bad? I have kind of taken pride in the fact that B can always eat at home without worrying or having to ask if something has MSG. He always has to ask at any restaurant--and at anyone's home that we may go to. I made Barb's beef enchiladas (they were yummy, by the way) last night and for some reason didn't think to look at the ingredients on the enchilada sauce can. About thirty minutes after we ate, it popped into my head that I hadn't checked the sauce--sure enough---MSG! UGH!!! I almost didn't tell him because he didn't seem to be having any effects--and I might not would have except he was getting ready to exercise away from home--and when the MSG hits, he requires--ummm, a bathroom. So, I told him. I said, 'Honneeeey, do you love me??? How are you feeling, my most handsome husband whom I love so much???' He was fine. Thankfully, he only ate half of one enchilada without scooping any extra sauce and it wasn't enough to do much. I went to Kroger this morning and found a canned sauce that doesn't have the toxic substance in it!!! I was so glad to find it because we all really enjoyed the recipe, and I was thrilled to find a new keeper.
I am currently on a Wal-Mart fast. Not for spiritual reasons, mind you, but just as an experiment to see if we have more money at the end of the month. I got tired of going to that stupid store what feels like every single day. So, I have made it a third of the way through the month and haven't been there. We school shopped at Office Depot and I went to Kroger today for the sauce--we would have normally gone to Wally World for both of those. I did buy three boxes of Equate brand lactaid on the last day of July so that I wouldn't have to pay the Lactaid brand price for it. I have to have my lactaid--Poor little lactose intolerant me.
When I last wrote I mentioned that B was having some back trouble. Well, he was. As a matter of fact, we had been told that he had a broken bone in his back that would never heal and could only be managed. B was very bummed because this very likely meant he wouldn't be able to fly anymore--at the very best, he would have to switch to a jet that doesn't pull G's. We decided to give it to God--this might have been a little easier for me than for him, however!!! The x-ray showed a broken bone, but when he went for a cat scan a few days later he did not have one. We were thrilled. There are many reasons why this might have happened, but we choose to believe in Divine Intervention! Anyway, B is finishing up three weeks of therapy, and will hopefully be back in the cockpit soon. I know he has missed it. He has had more time to work on his schoolwork, though, and that's been nice. He will finish up that stinky master's degree in December. Hallelujah and Praise the Lord.
The kids and I went to Missouri the week before last. We had a good time, but it certainly was eventful. We started off the trip with our youngest daughter running into a grape vine wire at my sister's house, cutting up her mouth, and KNOCKING HER TOOTH OUT! She was running with her cousins at dusk and decided to take a shortcut. She's never been so sorry about taking a shortcut. I panicked a little--OK, more than a little-- because we had no idea if the tooth was a baby tooth or a permanent one. We spoke to two dentists - one in MO, and our own dentist at home--not to mention our AF doctor--and were advised to put the tooth in milk in the fridge and come in first thing in the morning. It would be putting it lightly to say my sister lives in the "boondocks." We had to get up at six the next morning in order to be at the dentist's office at 8 am. After x-rays, we were thrilled to find out the tooth was a baby tooth, and all was well. Thank goodness for good dental insurance. She had a lot of swelling and, sadly, she will have a small scar under her bottom lip. She learned several things from this little event--but I made a statement that my kids will probably never hear their mother say again: "Why couldn't you just do what all the other kids were doing!!??"


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