Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Tragedy Strikes My Hometown
Just yesterday, on my way to pick the kids up from school, I was thinking about how uncertain life can be. I could name a dozen people off the top of my head who have died way before their time--people in their 30s and 40s--people like my own mother and daughter. We make plans, and we think that we are going to spend the rest of our lives with a certain person or doing a certain thing--and then some tragedy strikes--a car wreck or cancer or something equally as horrible--and it's all over. The plans we made were not the plans God had for us. I have become so aware over the past 12 years or so how very much our ways are just not God's ways--our thoughts are not His. I was thinking how we can not afford to take one moment with our loved ones for granted--not one. single. moment. I just received an email from my good high school friend, Jodi. (We've recently been in contact again--after 20 years--thanks to She had received an email from another of our classmates who still lives and teaches in our tiny hometown and wanted to let me know. Anyway, Rick and Larissa were classmates of ours who were married right when Larissa got out of high school (Rick's a little older than us, and Larissa's a little younger). Shortly after they were married, Rick had a heart attack, and they have gone on to face many hard circumstances: rheumatoid arthritis, a benign brain tumor, a cat scratch that almost took Rick's life (really) and now the worst of all. Rick (41 years old or so) and his oldest daughter (9th grade) were on their way to pick up the youngest daughter (7th grade) from cheerleading practice and had a terrible wreck on the way and were instantly killed. I just can't imagine the horror of it all. Please join me in praying for this precious family whose lives have been drastically changed forever. It really just makes me sick to think about it. May God grant them the measure of peace that they need to get through each day. And may we never take the gift of life for granted.


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Saturday, October 20, 2007
A Decorating Dilemma
I am having a very hard time deciding what color of counter tops to put in, so I thought I would ask your opinions. I can't decide if I should get a nice sandy khaki color like my floors, or if I should get black. We wanted to install granite, but we have just about decided we will never have the 3k we need to have it done. I think I am ready to settle for a granite looking laminate. Below are some pictures of my kitchen as it is now--so tell me, what color counter top would look best.
my floors
I feel like I have too many colors going on with these early 90s counter tops.
A close up shot of the green counter.
Thanks in advance for your help, my friends.


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Friday, October 19, 2007
Homecoming Day
Today is homecoming day in more ways than one. B has been gone since Wed. morning to San Antone--ugh, I hate it when he's gone. He should be home in a couple hours, and I'm ever so glad. It's amazing what a little absence can do for the heart--not that the heart was bad or anything--I do love him dearly. When he is gone, I become distinctly aware of how much I adore him--snoring and all. It will be nice having him snoring in bed next to me again tonight, really it will! Tonight is also the big homecoming football game for my kid's school. And if I knew one iota about football, I would probably be excited about going. The only reasons I am really going is to visit with some good friends, and to see all the homecoming queen candidates dressed up in their pretty dresses---oh, and because I am not in the mood to stay home all by myself tonight. It promises to be a beautiful chilly evening--football weather, from what I hear.


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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Middle Name Meme and Stuff

Annie and Momma tagged me for this meme awhile back. Today seemed like a good day to post it! I am not posting or following the rules. And I'm not tagging anyone, but please play along if you want. Now, if you remember, Jenna is a variation of my middle name, so I am going to use Jenna.

J- Joy. Joy is very important to me--especially after a couple bouts with clinical depression. I may not always be happy, but there is always joy in my heart--it may be deep down and harder to find some days, though. !!

E- E? Who can think of anything that starts with an E? Oh, I know--Elegant. I have always wanted to be this, and to have an elegant home. I'm not, and I don't, but it would be just lovely.

N- Not fair that I have to do two of these. Normal. I am just about as normal as they come--average, average, average.

N-Nurturing - towards my kids and hubby anyway. My heart's desire, above all things, is to be a good wife and mother.

A-Alias--Jenna is my alias for this blog. Can you tell I used a dictionary to find this word?

Lately, I have been reading some blogs about this person whipping up a knitted hat for her daughter, or this person sewing two of the most adorable corduroy skirts for her daughters, or another person making tons of Christmas-y things for her family. What is up with me? I have got to get my craftiness on--or else stop reading these blogs that make me feel like I need to. I've done next to nothing this week--well, other than helping with homework, JBQ (junior bible quiz), housework, bill-paying, chauffeuring, cooking, and other normal mom things. I think what I am going to do is get my photo albums updated. I used to be a scrap-booker--but that died out about the time the twins were born. Now, I count myself blessed to have all our pictures from the past twenty years chronologically placed in regular photo albums--well, I don't have the last year and half done. That should be my project, don't you think--to finish up the past year and a half? I'll let you know if I actually do it. Don't hold your breath.


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Monday, October 15, 2007
Thank You, Thank You Very Much
A word of thanks to those who have given me the sweetest awards lately. I'm just mind-boggled that you all would think of me. I really am. So, thank you very much.
Gail gave me the "You Make Me Smile" Award:
Melanie sent the "Mathetes" award my way:
Joyful Days blessed me with the "Egel Nest Blog" award: Ladies, I appreciate it. Truly


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Friday, October 12, 2007
The Promised Pictures
I hardly took any pictures with my digital, so I don't have many to share at the moment. Here's a few at the water park, Cade's Cove, and Dollywood. A lot of you asked where we stayed with the indoor water park--we own a time share at Westgate Resorts in Gatlinburg. Of course, they would be more than happy to give you a couple of free nights in Gatlinburg, if you want to give them a couple hours to talk about the wonders of owning a timeshare. If you want me to refer you, let me know.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007
We're Home
We're Home, and we are deep in the throes of our daily routine. The mountains were just lovely, even though the leaves had only begun to turn. The days were warm but not too warm--just right, in my opinion. We visited Cade's Cove and saw around 30 deer and too big ole bears. The bears are always the highlight--we've been blessed to see them the last three times we've vacationed there. There's just something about that place--it has made me so glad I am a mountain person, and not a beach person. Our resort put in a huge indoor water park this year--that was the kid's favorite thing--we were able to go free-of-charge anytime we wanted. I even found myself going down the water slide a time or five. B's parents also happened to be there for a minister's retreat, so we were able to catch a couple meals with them, see a show, and go mini golfing. It was nice to see them. B's mom just had knee replacement surgery(she has rheumatoid arthritis), and it was great to see her getting around better. I had planned to post some pictures in this post, but find that it is already time to go pick up the kiddos from school. I was telling Coach J today that I am busier now than I ever was when I was homeschooling. When I called her, she was reading a book--having a little down time. It sounded so good that I carved out 45 minutes this afternoon and sat in the rocker on my porch and finished a book. So nice--thanks for the idea, Jenny.


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