Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Toddler Time
We had such a great time with our little niece while she was here--we had her for 16 days. I did decide to potty train--and she did so well. She went home with her mommy yesterday, and they were so excited to see each other--it was precious. Here are some scenes from our visit:
Sure wish I had noticed the picture was sideways--see below! Getting a little exercise with K.
Enjoying a good book with me--we did that lots!
Baking cookies with K.
Getting in a little wrestling.
...and some swim time. a little tv here and there. (sorry)A walk across the swinging bridge at Fall Creek Falls. (that's my mom-in-law, oldest daughter, and oldest nephew behind me.) Wading the water with Uncle B (sorry) This is the day she left.
I am going to miss that rascal, but I have definitely been cured of any desire I might or might not have had to adopt!!! We love you sweet baby! I hope we can make this a summer tradition!


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Third Day
Look what's coming out July 29th! I didn't know it was coming until today, but I'm pretty excited about it. The music is great--you can preview it here.
I wish this had come out in time for Father's Day because they are B's fave contemporary Christian band! Oh well..


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Sunday, June 15, 2008
We Have Success...
...Partial success anyway! When I last wrote, I thought that I would probably forget the whole potty training mission, but I am proud to say that my niece is making her way through Potty Training Camp very well. We dove right in Monday morning--by Thursday, I was ready to quit. She will never get this, I thought (silly, I know--of course she will get it--). Thursday was her worst day yet. I cleaned up more potty than I ever care to again! For some reason, though, I continued on Friday and she had her best day yet--only one potty accident and one no. 2 accident. Saturday, she didn't have any accidents at all! I'm so proud of her--and I surely never thought I would be potty training a child again! Today, she is doing great--but I have yet to get her to no. 2 in the toilet! Help-- She had a po*opy accident this afternoon. I just tried a bribe--hoping she will really want a new Dora toy enough to go in the toilet. We shall see! I'm still putting a diaper on her at night, but she has been keeping it almost dry since Wed. morning.
It is so important that she gets potty trained as this will save my sister a much needed $160 a month in day care expenses and $50 in diapers. I haven't shared, but I am keeping my sweet niece because my baby sister has become completely overwhelmed with single-motherhood and working at a job that doesn't pay much, and having a deadbeat as her daughter's father. She can barely get by, so our whole family came together this past week to ease her load and bless her a bit. She is working a bunch of double shifts while I have her little one, my dad paid a bunch of her debt off (mostly expensive day care bills because the father hasn't been paying), my sister and step-brother and sister helped her get her home, car, and budget in order-they are also updating her resume' so she can try to get a little better paying job and one that is closer to her home. I am watching her daughter so that she can work the doubles, and so that I can get her baby girl potty trained. Can you believe that the day care doesn't potty train? How is a single woman working full time supposed to potty train a child? I just want to know--how hard is that? I think she is probably trained well enough that they will consider her potty trained and give my sister the reduced rate. I am praying anyway...
I can't even tell you the compassion I have for my sister right now--I feel for her so much. She has made some mistakes--serious ones--but I still hurt for her and her situation so much. Sometimes I want to shake her--and sometimes I just want to hold her and tell her every thing's going to be all right.
My niece is with us for another week--she is as precious as can be--but we could use any and all prayers you might be able to spare for this momma who's not so very used to toddlerhood anymore!!!


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Monday, June 9, 2008
A Visitor
The day before B. and K.--(read: yesterday) left for their missions trip to Milwaukee, our niece came to visit us for a couple of weeks. Our niece is 2--almost 3--and quite the handful, especially when you consider there hasn't been anyone that age in our household for 9 years. A person truly does forget how demanding a toddler is--whew!! We've had KP for 28 hours and I'm already worn out!! And potty training--forget it--I may just stick with the diapers--we'll just have to see on that one.

(Judging by A's face, I'm guessing the water's a little too cold.)

The fun thing about the three in this picture is that they all share the same birthday. KP was born on the twin's 9th birthday!


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Tuesday, June 3, 2008
I'm Alive
Thank you so much to all that have checked on me--all is well around here. I have stayed completely up to date on all my blog-reading, but just haven't been in a blog writing mood for quite a while. The last couple months have been really great--I am completely over my stomach problem--it turned out to be a yogurt allergy--really and truly. I am keeping the stuff around for the kids, but I will never touch it again. Sadly, it was a wonderful tool for keeping my complexion clear. I am back to the drawing board for that one again. The kids are all out of school, and I can't even express how happy I am to have them home. Everything feels right again. I am so glad that we have decided to keep the twins home next year. I have my curriculum all picked out, and I feel ready to pick up the schooling reins again! K. will be returning to her private school--and she will even have my friend Jenny as her Bible teacher--and possibly basketball coach. Jenny is the coach, but since K. is still having knee problems, we don't know if she'll be able to play. B. is finishing up his second quarter of his Master's program. He has 16 hours left to finish and is right on track to be finished in December. It is a ton of work--and very stressful--but he's handling it. He is ready for the month long break between quarters before he starts back again. B. and K. are leaving for a missions trip to Wisconsin with our Teen Bible Quiz group this coming Monday. It will be a great experience for them, but I am going to miss them terribly. The twins and I thought about going to Missouri for the week, but because of gas prices, have decided to stay here. Bummer. We may head up there on the fourth of July--we'll have to see. We just got back from a great vacation in the Smokies--we just love going there. It was very restful, and it's always good for our family to get away and just be together. By the way, we saw 10 bears while in the park. It was great. I have managed to maintain my Weight Watchers loss-until vacation. I gained two pounds while away--bummer. I don't think it will be too hard to lose because I really pigged out on vacation--and I'm eating normally now. Well, just wanted to give a little update. I'll try to do better. Oh--I did get my kitchen redone--part of it anyway. We're real happy with it. Oh, and K. is turning 16 this Thursday--she had a really fun party this past weekend--and she actually drove out on a real highway yesterday--and we're all still alive!!!!

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