Friday, May 11, 2007
Out of Africa
Ok, here's the scoop! My hubby has the distinct pleasure of being a part of a television show on the Sportsman Channel called Broadside Adventures. (The picture below is a link to their website --you should really go there and watch the little film clip they have--it's cute.) My cousin's husband is the host of this show, and they are in their second season. My hubby is National Marketing Director and a cameraman for them, and has loved every minute of it. B. has been able to go on several hunts with the show--he usually films the hunts, but he has hunted and had his hunts aired before. Last year, he was able to go to Canada with them and get his first black bear. It was very cool to watch that on TV. Anyway... Recently, Rocky called and asked B. is he would be able to go with him to Zimbabwe, Africa (all expenses paid) for an elephant hunt. Rocky has been asked to kill a nuisance elephant that has been bothering villages there (if I understood correctly). Anyway, he will be using a bow for this hunt, and has been getting ready physically for this for the past couple weeks or so. B. is thrilled to be going--even though he won't be hunting, and I am glad that he has this opportunity--truly, I am. Of course, this means that our family will not get to have a summer vacation this year. B. gets 30 days a year with the military, and he has used a great deal of them to hunt. We had a trip to Gatlinburg planned the very week of this African hunt--so we had to decide as a family what to do. We all voted that daddy should go to Africa--sort of. He owes us BIG, though---and he knows it. Boy, does he know it. Let me just add that I wasn't overly happy about this at first--and I shed a lot of tears before I came to terms with it. I could never take this away from him, but, darn it, I wanted to go to Gatlinburg. And let me say that when my real life friends heard about it, they were none too happy with B. Mandalyn was shooting daggers with her eyes on Wednesday night!! So, I am left with a dilemma--do I pack up the kids and take them to Gatlinburg myself, or do I wait until my hubby can go, and postpone it until October? I truly can't decide. Help!!!

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At May 11, 2007 1:38 PM, Anonymous jodi said...

Last summer my hubby had some trips planned and just couldn't take anymore time off work to go on a family vacation. I thought about it and decided I really wanted to go to the beach, so I took the kids to Florida by myself. We had a great time!

At May 11, 2007 1:44 PM, Blogger Mandalyn said...

I know you...and I know that you will have more fun when B. can go. Can you take another small, fun, closer to home trip while he's gone and then go to G'burg with him in October??

At May 11, 2007 2:43 PM, Blogger Mandalyn said...

OK, if your sister and BIL can meet you, I say go while B. is in Africa!

At May 11, 2007 4:11 PM, Blogger Corrie said...

Oh Jenna,
I totally understand your excitement for your husband and frustration all at the same time. What a dilemma. I have no advice...but I know it will work out.

At May 11, 2007 4:12 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

what a neat opportunity for him!

At May 11, 2007 4:14 PM, Blogger Vader's Mom said...

With my hubby's job, I've had to learn that if I want to go I make plans to go. If he can come GREAT, if not I go without him. You & the kids would have a great time, then you can always take him back and show him the fun places y'all found. No need for him to have all the fun in the family :)

At May 11, 2007 4:26 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Sorry I accidently hit publish somehow before I was done commenting! I'm sorry this has come at a bad time where he'll miss summer vacation at home; that is a tough one! It's a great opportunity for him, but stinks for you guys.

I vote for you to go ahead with your summer plans and take the kids to'll help pass the time while he's gone. But if he really wants to go with you there then I would postpone it until he gets back and can go and instead I would plan some other fun excursion for just you and the kids.

At May 11, 2007 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great opportunity for him...

With that said, y'all should not have to miss out on your summer vacation, either. So, pack the kids up and go! Really! You'll have fun and you'll also know that B. is having fun and not really missing out since he's off doing *Guy Stuff*! :o)

At May 11, 2007 6:49 PM, Blogger Sonya said...

I think this is a great opportunity for your hubby and I don't think he'd mind if you and the kids packed up and went to Gatlinburg. You can always take a short trip somewhere with him when he is free again. It's tough when these conflicts arise but it's great that at least you love your hubby and want him to be with you and the family. On the flip side, this is Africa and a great opportunity of a lifetime. So, let him go and y'all go to G'burg. Hey, I'll meet you there and we'll run around with our kiddos! We live less than 100 miles from there and I always love a quick trip down there! I think it would be cool for your hubby to come back with lots of Africa stories and pictures and you guys come back with lots of G'burg pics and mom/kid stories! You will have lots to talk about for a few weeks!

At May 12, 2007 8:24 AM, Blogger Babystepper said...

What a tough decision for you. Man it's hard when the hubbies get to go on trips and we're stuck here. Cool for him, though. My own dh hasn't had to go farther than New York yet. He could've gone to Germany a month after Mim was born, but luckily he declined. I think I would've flipped. '
Crazy Post-Partum Woman Stages Sit-In in Wal-Mart Diaper Aisle"

At May 12, 2007 3:32 PM, Blogger Becky said...

I felt that way when my hubby used his only vacation time to take teens on a mission trip to Venezuela. But, I think God blessed us for our sacrifice later on. (only it was much later on and it was hard in the mean time)
If your hubby wants you to go, then I would go.

At May 14, 2007 2:37 PM, Blogger gail said...

Sounds like quite an adventure! And if everyone was ok with him going, I bet he'd be ok with you going on to Gatlinburg with the kids. It might be a fun time for you to spend with them....or maybe some other place they might want to go. Could be fun.

At May 14, 2007 9:16 PM, Blogger sara - The Estrogen Files said...

Well... Does he want to come to G'burg? Would he care if you went alone? I'm the type that would just pack up the kids and go, telling Hubbers all about it later.

What is your decision? Has any of the commenting helped?


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